About Us

The Atria Academy of Science & Medicine brings together the world’s most distinguished scientists, researchers, and doctors to translate science into practice in real-time. The Academy is a first-of-its-kind non-profit composed of globally renowned thought leaders spanning medical, surgical and allied health disciplines: Focused on whole health, brain health, and healthy longevity.

Our Why

The Atria Academy of Science & Medicine aims to transform the sick care model to one that centers personalized surveillance and whole health preventive services. By compressing the 17 years between research and clinical application, we will develop a scalable model of preventive health care that optimizes individual and population health.

Our Strategy

  • Convene state-of-the-science leaders for the public, healthcare professionals, and academic institutions nationally and globally

  • Conduct innovative research at the intersection of biology and technology that identifies and amplifies novel preventive care strategies which optimizes health and disease prevention

  • Refine diagnostic, prevention and treatment protocols based on breaking science

  • Collaborate with new ventures and enterprises to integrate modern medicine and expand whole health at the individual and population level

  • Create and democratize credible and accessible educational content that empowers people and healthcare professionals to optimize healthspan


David DodickDavid W. Dodick, MD, FACP, FRCP, FAAN, FANA, FAHS

Co-Chair, Atria Academy of Science & Medicine

Professor Emeritus, Mayo Clinic; Chair, American Brain Foundation; Co-Chair, World Federation of Neurology, Brain Health Initiative; Chair, IHS-Global Patient Advocacy Coalition; Chief Science Officer, Atria

Dr. Dodick is Emeritus Professor of Neurology at the Mayo Clinic where he founded and directed the Headache and Sport Neurology and Concussion Programs at Mayo Clinic in Arizona. He is a Mayo Clinic Distinguished Investigator and Distinguished Educator. He has authored more than 900 peer-reviewed manuscripts and abstracts and authored or edited 13 books. He is the Chair of the American Brain Foundation and Chair of the IHS Global Patient Advocacy Coalition. He is the Immediate Past-Chair of the American Migraine Foundation, former Editor of Cephalalgia, a Past-President of both the American Headache Society and the International Headache Society.

Cheryl Pegus, MD, MPH

Co-Chair, Atria Academy of Science & Medicine

Managing Director, Morgan Health Ventures; Director, Alice Walton School of Medicine; Director, American Heart Association; Co-Founder, A New Beat; Director, TruLite Health

Dr. Pegus is a Managing Director at Morgan Health supporting the Ventures team. Previously Dr. Pegus served as EVP of Health and Wellness at Walmart, leading the company’s bold health care vision and consumer-facing programs designed to raise the standard of care for millions of Americans. She has been consistently recognized as one of the country’s most influential healthcare leaders and clinical executives. Dr. Pegus served as President of Consumer Solutions and Chief Medical Officer for Cambia Health Solutions and was the first chief medical officer at Walgreens. She began her career in private practice as a cardiologist and previously served as board chair for the Association of Black Cardiologists. Dr. Pegus is co-founder of A New Beat and author of several healthy cookbooks. She is a director and investor in the health equity solutions company, TruLite Health.

Gregory A. Poland, MD, FIDSA, MACP, FRCP

Co-Chair, Atria Academy of Science & Medicine

Mary Lowell Leary Emeritus Professor of Medicine, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine; Distinguished Investigator, Mayo Clinic

Dr. Poland is a physician-scientist and the founding and current director of Mayo Clinic’s Vaccine Research Group — a state-of-the-art research group and laboratory that seeks to understand genetic drivers of viral vaccine response and application of systems biology approaches to the generation of immunity, as well as the development of novel vaccines against emerging pathogens important to public health. The Poland lab developed the field of viral vaccine immunogenetics, the immune response network theory, and the field of vaccinomics and adversomics. Dr. Poland has given over 2,700 national and international media interviews and professional presentations on the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccines.

Ken Shubin Stein, MD, MPH, MS, CPH, CFA

Chief Executive Officer, Atria Academy of Science & Medicine

Co-Founder, Atria; Co-Founder, International Concussion Society; Executive Committee, American Migraine Foundation

Dr. Shubin Stein is the CEO of the Atria Academy of Science & Medicine. Dr. Shubin Stein graduated from Albert Einstein College of Medicine, where he earned his medical degree and completed a research fellowship with a focus on molecular genetics. He later completed his neurology training at Northwell Health. Dr. Shubin Stein also earned master’s degrees in both Epidemiology and Public Health from the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health before being recognized as Certified in Public Health by the National Board of Public Health Examiners. His commitment to socially conscious work includes serving as the Co-Founder and former Chairman of the International Concussion Society, a leading source of concussion information for physicians, coaches, patients and their families.

Nim Singh, MPH

Chief Operating Officer, Atria Academy of Science & Medicine

Chief Operating Officer, Atria Brain Health Program

Nim Singh, MPH has 18 years of experience in nonprofit healthcare. She earned her undergraduate degree in Human Services and Health Sciences from Northeastern University and a Masters in Public Health from Hofstra University. Prior to joining Atria, Nim led the American Migraine Foundation and International Headache Society-Global Patient Advocacy Coalition as their Executive Director, where she focused on eliminating stigma, advocating for patients, and engaging with headache specialists to raise awareness of migraine and other headache disorders. During her tenure, Nim collaborated with the WHO, CDC, FDA, and public corporations to share best practices and advocate both internationally and nationally. Nim now serves as the Vice Chair of the Board of Directors for the American Migraine Foundation as well as an Executive Committee member of the International Headache Society-Global Patient Advocacy Coalition. Prior to AMF, Nim held leadership and research positions at organizations including the National Kidney Foundation, New York State Health Foundation, New York Academy of Medicine, Young Survival Coalition, and Nassau University Medical Center (now Northwell) where she worked across disease states including HIV/AIDS, diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, and breast cancer.


Learn more about the 50+ Atria Academy Fellows guiding a transformation in medicine

Learn more about the 50+ Atria Academy Fellows guiding a transformation in medicine